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Q: How to reclaim inmates'goods and money?

A: The inmates shall fill out the request report for reclamation and designate a person of reclamation to reclaim the items in the General Affair Section of the Center.

Q: How to reclaim items left in the prison after bail or release?

A: Inmates who leave the prison after bail or release shall reclaim personal items (such as clothes, books, documents, electronics, appliances, and medicines) within one month from the day leaving the prison.

  1. Inmates may fill out the Reclamation Sheet at the Visitation Window during the office hours after leaving the prison.(inmates who share the same prison cell shall help pack the items, and the time required for packing shall be reserved.)
  2. If the inmates fail to reclaim the items within the timeframe, the items will be discarded based on the affidavit signed upon entering the prison.

Q: How to reclaim the identification card of the inmates?

A: Based on the regulations, under the circumstances where the original copy of the inmates'identification is required, the inmates may present written report and designate family members who shall sign the affidavit to reclaim it. Other matters shall be handled by power of attorney.

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