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Medical Treatment & Sanitation

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  • Last updated:2024-07-02
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In the aspects of medical measure, Taipei Detention Center adopts the principle of "Disease prevention is more important than medical cure, but health protection is the most important".

Prevention Measure: In the center, there would be professionals to sweep and clean up all of the wards, gutters, bathrooms and nooks, disinfecting the environment every week to preclude the possibility of illness.

Medical Cure: Doctors in the center will heal the inmates if they are infected with disease; nevertheless, in case of the emergency, they will be taken by the ambulance to the public hospital, and we will report the district court and the prosecutor office to enforce the follow-up.

Health examination: All of the new coming detainees would be asked to take the examinations (Urine & HIV check) and get Vaccinated by the professional doctor, in the event of the results show positive reactions, they would be brought to trail. 

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