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Business Introduction

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The followings are the responsibility ranges for each section and office.

·Guard & Control Section is responsible for

  1. Guard and control the defendants and inmates on alert.
  2. Management for the strategic gateway or approach.
  3. Discipline and allot duties to every controller.
  4. Usages and safekeeping of weapons, guard instruments (like handcuffs and leg shackles), fire-fighting equipment, communication apparatus and safety gears.
  5. Distributions (such as food and drink, clothing, bedding and any other article for daily use) for defendants and inmates.
  6. Deal with problems of sanitation.
  7. Cope with meetings, communications and article sending.
  8. Regulations governing rewards to defendants and inmates.
  9. Take defendants under escort and seize escaping convicts.
  10. Body search and check of worksites and wards.
  11. Any affair of guard and control.

·Assistance & Guidance Section is responsible for

  1. Investigations on defendants.
  2. Guidance and assistance.
  3. Put the moral character and behaviors of defendants under observation.
  4. Physical exercises and recreational activities.
  5. Take charge of books and newspapers for inmates to read and handle of periodicals be published.
  6. Any affair of assistance and guidance.

·Business Section is responsible for

  1. Direct the inmate labor of operations and skill training for inmates.
  2. Plan and responsible for the determination of various inmate labor operations.
  3. Purchase materials (big and durable items) for work assignment; keep them under custody and doing revenue and expenditure.
  4. Draw up types of labor service¸ score the inmates and count up the labor compensation.
  5. Dispose and redeploy inmates for any work assignment.
  6. Draft the contract of labor service.
  7. Instruments checking, repairing and purchasing.
  8. Evaluation, selling and care of products.
  9. Assessment and redeployment.
  10. Any affair of business.

·Sanitation & Health Section is responsible for

  1. Sanitary schemes, facilities and directions.
  2. Prevention of infectious diseases.
  3. Health examination for defendants.
  4. Cure of illness of inmates.
  5. Management of patient wards.
  6. Store pharmaceuticals, dispense prescriptions and control medical appliances.
  7. Prevention and cure of medicine misusing and drug counseling.
  8. Report the illness and death of defendants and inmates.
  9. Any affair of sanitation and health.

·General Affair Section is responsible for

  1. Documents writing, sending, receiving and file archive.
  2. Sign and seal official documents.
  3. Overheads for any article.
  4. Buildings repair.
  5. Matters of inmate in-prison and post-imprisonment.
  6. Affairs of making status book, facial image and fingerprints.
  7. Stuff and money keeping for defendants and inmates.
  8. Prison foods keeping and purchasing.
  9. Any affair that is not related to other sections.

Any other affair that belongs to Personnel Office, Statistics Office, and Government Ethics Office would be done by their policies and rules.



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