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Physical Exercise & Recreational Activity

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  • Last updated:2024-07-02
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Daily Counseling

Daily counseling belongs to "Hope Project", consisting in steadying inmate emotions and making them to repent and start anew. Moreover, Taipei Detention Center pays attention to inmate behavioral assessments and in-prison investigations over and above the individual guidance and collective counseling, and others like the religious counseling, skill training and also instructions in law have been regularly hold. Besides, all the prisoners could be cultivated their character by holding varieties of games and activities.

Physical Exercise & Recreational Activity  

For the purpose of educating the detainee in Taipei Detention Center, there would be twice physical exercises and recreational activities every month. All of the contests hold in the center proceed smoothly and is echoed by each participator. With these activities, inmates could identify themselves and be educated with communications and experiences, and then create their new and different characters.

Public Welfare & Charitable Foundation:  

In consideration of "Resource of government is limited, but society is unlimited", Taipei Detention Center positively leads other public welfare in and holds a series of lectures and activities.


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