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FAQ(Visitation)FAQ(Delivery)FAQ(Safekeeping)FAQ(Original Equipment Manufacturer)FAQ(others)

Q: Visiting hours

A: The visiting hours are 8:00-11:00 and 13:00-16:00 on following days:

  1. Weekdays
  2. The first Sunday of a month
  3. Make-up workday announced by Directorate-General of Personnel Administration

Q: Required documents for registration of reception:

A: Applicants should bring ID card, driver’s license, passport, or any other valid documentation (with info such as date of birth, ID number, address, photo, etc.) for identity inspection. Receptions with inmates who are restricted to meet only with their family, spouse, and relatives will additionally require original Household Certificate to verify the relationship between applicants and inmate. Foreigners need to present passport or Entry/Exit Permit.

Q:  Applicant qualifications of inmates with different status and meeting frequencies:

A: The rules concerning the visits are as the following:

1.The inmates who are eligible to be visited

(1) Inmates serving prison sentence:

According to the terms of Prison Act and Statute of Progressive Execution of Penalty,prisoners with no Level shall be allowed to receive visitations and to correspond with individuals other than family members.Prisoners rated Level 4 shall be allowed to receive visitations and to correspond with direct relatives and family*. Prisoners rated Level 3 or higher shall be allowed to receive visitations and to correspond with individuals other than family members. Providing such visitations or correspondences shall not obstruct the edification and education of the prisoners.

(2) Defendant: According to the terms of Detention Act:

. An individual requesting to visit a defendant must submit identification paper and register his/her name, occupation, age, residential address, name of the defendant, and relationship with the defendant.

. Where the detention center deems that the individual requesting a visit may adversely affect the order or security of the detention center, it may refuse the visit request.

. A visit should be conducted in the visitation room. However, a detention center may permit the visit to be held at a suitable place if it is necessary due to illness or management needs.

. No more than three persons may visit a defendant each time unless it is otherwise stipulated in Prison Act or other laws or it is permitted by a senior detention center official.

. An individual approved for a visit may bring children under 12 years of age, who will not be counted toward the limit on the number of visitors in the preceding paragraph.

(3) People under observation: According to the terms of Act of Execution of Rehabilitation Treatment: the visitors are limited to immediate family members and spouses.

2.Meeting frequencies and limitations:

Since July 15, 2020, the frequency and number of visitation of inmates with different status shall be as follows:

(1) People under observation: once a week

(2) Defendant: once a day

(3) People under civil custody: once a day

(4) Inmates serving prison sentence:

. For no Level and Level 4 prisoners, once a week.

. For Level 3 prisoners, once or twice a week.

. For Level 2 prisoners, once in every 3 days.

. For Level 1 prisoners, no limitations.

Q: Applying for flexible meeting for special reasons:

A: Visitors with following reasons may submit application along with relevant documentation to the Guard and Control Section and call this number:(02)2261-1711 extension 605.

  1. Inmate themselves or their grandparents, parents, spouse, or children suffer from serious diseases.
  2. Inmate’s family encounters natural disaster or family emergency.
  3. It is inconvenient for inmate’s family to pay visits due to long distance. 

Q: For inmates who are prohibited to be visited, may the family members deliver food or other items?

A: Inmates held incommunicado are not allowed to meet anyone except for their defense attorneys or people granted visiting by court. Friends and family members may submit application for sending foods and items at reception desk, and should bring ID card as well as original Household Certificate to verify their relationship with the inmate. The restrictions are as follows:

  1. Foods: once a day/less than 2 kilograms each meeting.
  2. Books: once a month for each sender/less than 3 pieces, paperback only, marks and handwriting free.       (Books about current affairs are not allowed if the receiver is prohibited from reading newspapers, watching TV, and listening to the radio by court).
  3. Money: each person may deposit NT$ 10,000 a day for each inmate.   (We may limit the amount and number of times of deposit if an inmate’s custody money is more than NT$ 100,000.)
  4. Clothes and pants: once a month for each sender/less than 3 pieces for each, no hood, zipper, piping, stings, or metal accessories.

Q: What are the basic supplies provided for the newcomers? What can the inmate's family members prepare for them?

A: The administration office provides basic daily supplies such as personal toiletries and underwear for the newcomers to use. The Store also offers supplies with prices lower than the market rate. Family members may deposit money for the inmates or purchase products at the store located at the Registration Office and then they will be delivered to the inmates.

Q: What should the family members of the inmates who are prohibited from visiting be aware of?

A: The fraud and illicit brokerage should be prevented. If anyone try to go through authorities, proceed with bail, arrange special care ,or send petty cash, please report to the Government Ethic Office or Guard and Control Section immediately. The telephone number of the Government Ethic Office :(02)2262-2282;The telephone number of Guard and Control Section:(02)2261-1711 extension 604.

Q: What could the family members do for the inmates if their visits are prohibited ?

A: The family members may appoint a lawyer to register for a visit. If the inmates have to contact family members for appointing a lawyer, The administration office would assist the inmates to send an application form to authorize the family members of lawyer appointment. The application is attached with relevant information on the Legal Aid Foundation, which will provide legal assistance for the family members.


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