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Specialties of Taipei Detention Center

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Qing-xi Pineapple Pie:

Qing-xi Pineapple PiePineapple Pie
Pineapple pie is one of the traditional pastries in Taiwan, and it is one of the specialties in the center as well. "Qing-xi Pineapple Pie" is the earliest local famous product of all the detention centers and prisons. For the reason that the product is welcome by all circles, especially Japan, is the mainstream market of it, has been provided help by TBROC (Tourism Bureau Ministry of Transportation & Communication, R.O.C.) to sell in the market, four or five hundred orders at least.


Qing-xi Blue-dyeing:

Bag of Blue-dyeingDoily of Blue-dyeingScarf Blue-dyeing

Blue-dyeing, one of the conventional industries that originated and made rapid advances in Sansia, a chief town that next to Tucheng City, is almost fail to be handed down from past generations. For the sake of starting afresh Blue-dyeing, Taipei Detention Center has been cooperating with Sanchiaoyung Culture Organization since 2005, and has been the key organ of Blue-dyeing afterward.

To achieve the goal of making the diversification of the conventional industries, a group of teachers from Sanchiaoyung Culture Organization plan a series of lesson to make the inmates know that the history of Blue-dyeing and the duty of making it go down to the future generation. And for the time being, Taipei Detention Center has produced many daily articles, such as curtains, pillows, cushions, hats, backpacks, handbags, coin cases, card cases, purses, card clips and hair pins.

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