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Brief History of Taipei Detention Center

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  • Last updated:2024-07-02
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 Taiwan Taipei Detention Center had coexisted and established with Taiwan Taipei Prision on July 1, 1952. After Jurisdiction in division between Examination and Supervision, Taiwan Taipei Detention Center was separated from Taiwan Taipei Prison on July 1, 1980, and the former site was located at No. 1, Ai-Guo East Road, Taipei City. Since the increase of population and the building boom of Taipei City, the Government was looking for a new location for Taipei Detention Center and then moved to No.2, Li-de Road,Tucheng Dist,New Taipei City.

  The female defendants and inmates are no longer being detained by Taiwan Taipei Detention Center from June 19th ,2010. They are now being detained by Taiwan Taipei Women's Detention Center.

  The number of inmates in Taipei Detention Center is more than any other detention center in Taiwan; especially capital prisoners are in the majority. For this reason, all of the staff of Taipei Detention Center exhaust their obligations, pulling together and work hard as a team for correcting those who are in the center, regenerating themselves and making them a better interaction with this society. Moreover, it is our hope to see their qualitative changes.

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