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“Meeting the Happiness through Intelligent Technology”- enables us to love more easily

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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Since the Minister of the Ministry of Justice, Tsai, Ching-Hsiang has taken office, he has been valuing the family support for the transformation of prisoners a lot so has gradually promoted a variety of family support programs. Viewing from that the locations of many correctional facilities are faraway or even out of the island, it may take a huge amount of money and time for the elderly, children or people with physical disabilities to visit their relatives in the correctional facilities, so that the distance between inmates and their family could become farther. The current smart phone and network are very common, so AOC has promoted the "Mobile Access Programs" to enable the inmates family members who have met the requirements (they must be the immediate blood relatives or spouses or those with physical disabilities) to have interviews with the inmate in the correctional facilities on webcam with the through smart phones or tablets. The care for the inmates can be reached regardless of the distance, and it can also save the time and cost of the traffic from the hometown and outlying islands so that it can strengthen the connection between the inmates and their family, and further enable the inmates to return their home with the power of family support. The Mobile Access Programs now are conducted as an experiment only at the Penghu Prison in the outlying islands and the Taiyuan Skill Training Institute in the remote mountainous areas. In the future, the programs will continue to be expanded to more institutions and the care and support of inmate's family can be connected with the Mobile Access so that the distance between family loves would become shorter and easier. In order to facilitate people to buy the home-made products from the correctional facilities, AOC will enhance the function of the "Self-operated Products Exhibition Shop mall of Correctional Facilities". In Taipei Prison and Taichung Prison, "Taiwan Pay" has been introduced as the first action payment. People can use smart phones to buy these products. And it is expected that the action payment will be fully integrated and “Taiwan Pay” will be introduced into the purchase of the self-operated products of each correctional facility by the end of September in 2019, so we can create a convenient, innovative and safe way of action payment to increase people’s willingness to purchase and also the sales of self-operated products to affirm the better improvement of the inmates in the correctional facilities. Besides, in view of the complicated shopping procedures for the inmates in the correctional facilities, which must be examined manually, in order to enable the inmates to get their shopping items more quickly, we also have promoted the shopping system with fingerprint identification for the inmates to purchase in the prison so that the inmates can check the custody of their money and the purchase items by themselves. In this way, we can improve administrative efficiency and reduce more manpower of guardianship. Now only the Taipei Detention Center and Keelung Prison are selected for the trial program. In addition to the trial items above, AOC will continue to promote the intelligent identity card and RFID positioning system for the inmates as a reference for future big data analysis and for the formulation of policies. Despite many tough challenges which the current correctional facilities are facing now, we AOC are making progress with the time and showing the spirit of human rights care to keep promoting all kinds of correctional policies so that the correctional facilities can advance to the four great goals: modernization, humanization, high technology and specialization. Meanwhile, we will gradually build up intelligent prisons, use science and technology to assist manpower, and strengthen the family support to help the inmates to repent and to revert to good deeds so that they can make a fresh start and build a harmonious society.

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